Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

Our company philosophy makes us who we are. It's what sets us apart from our competitors:

Valuing Our Customers:

We believe there are two things we can do help our customers feel valued, listen and produce unmatched products. Caring business and creatively sculpted work tops and countertops have made us the first choice for many. Our first meeting with you will play the most important role in the overall process. We want to serve you well by knowing exactly what you want.

The Love of Our Craft:

We’re not just highly qualified masons and fitters, but highly experienced. With over fifty years of sculpting and building between our team, we have been working from our Mitcham factory for over two years now. A down to earth company, we’re about providing the highest standard of advice, guidance and workmanship. We take our craft very seriously.

Faith in Our Product:

The same way we believe in our masons and engineers, we believe in our stone. Quality begets quality. We’ve sought out suppliers specifically selected against our high standards. The standard of granite, quartz and marble we use is very important to us. We want to create something worthy of our skill. Once measured, cut, finished and fitted you’ll own a worktop full of aesthetic, durability and practicality.